A Freight & Logistics Expert Targeting Reduced Costs

Factor Freight is an Australian owned freight management consultancy that has performed hundreds of reviews for wholesalers, retailers and other national enterprises since 2005. We identify opportunities to streamline freight operations, cut carrier expenses, optimise supply chain strategies and improve the overall customer experience.

Our methodology utilises information that currently exists within our client’s operation. We consolidate this information and develop effective freight management structures that drive improved business performance and reduced costs. We can help you take a closer look at your day-to-day activities to find the best way of reducing your operational expenses. Our freight auditing and invoice management solutions identify both rate validation issues and internal transport strategy and execution issues, such as incorrect service selection that impact costs by greater than 10%.

Carriers invoices are becoming more difficult to manage and we understand that resolving these administration problems can be difficult, which is why we offer professional advice and Freight Invoice Management software (FIM), our easy-to-access web-based location.

Complete Freight Invoice Management Capabilities

We streamline difficult time consuming activities into easy to manage activities and easy-to-read business intelligence reporting that will improve your business. The specific outputs include:

  • Streamlined invoice to carrier payment processes.
  • Accurate cost allocation both simple and extremely complicated if necessary.
  • Elimination of overcharges.
  • Consolidated Best of Breed BI Reporting through web-based platforms that make information sharing easy.
  • Accurate accruals available in a timely manner with little effort.
  • Administration costs reduced by 40%.

Meet the Director

Meet the Logistics Consultant Director

Trevor Bruhn is a logistics consultant with over 30 years of industry experience. He shares his passionate wisdom and management tips so that you can maximise your freight efficiency while cutting your losses.

Trevor understands that innovative technology, supply chain reporting and sage advice will help you seize full financial control of your freight operations.

Factor Freight consistently surpasses client’s expectations on both cost reductions and technical enhancements that transform low value activities and improve control.

Time for a Logistics Comparison?

Our freight cost solutions can save you in excess of 10% per annum. Call our logistics consultants to learn more.