Fleet Routing


Factor Freight Solutions has experience with managing large and small vehicle fleets and are quite familiar with the importance of an effective fleet routing system. Fleet routing software has until recently been difficult to manage and expensive, however, this has changed considerably. We have many single vehicle operators who utilise the systems each day and if you have not explored this direction, your costs will most likely be impacted by greater than 20%.

As a Freight consultant and with our partnership with Workwave fleet routing solutions, we optimise your vehicle operations.  We help you to establish the correct parameters and our implementation support comes with a guarantee “to get you going”.  The system takes into account vehicle costs, rosters, job configurations as well as vehicle and driver special requirements. We use the data that flows in and out of the system to establish mobile links between the base of operations and the vehicles. GPS is also an option.

Detailed below are some of the issues that contribute to the 20% overspend.

  • Poor routing leading to increased Kms and the associated cost.
  • Ineffective communication especially as changes occur.
  • Unsuitable transport types may be allocated to jobs that have special requirements.
  • Inefficient fleet composition (wrong balance of vehicles).
  • Inconsistent and unreliable performance metrics.
  • Unbalanced fleet structure (permanent, casual drivers).
  • Incorrect fleet mix where the wrong transport types are being used or there is a balance issue with the fleet structure.
Are you experiencing any of the aforementioned fleet management issues? Rather than settle for a sub-par supply chain take advantage of our industry expertise and optimise your route planning with WorkWave.

WorkWave Fleet Routing Benefits

One of the main fleet routing benefits is that you can reduce your fleet costs by up to 20% in just 60 days when you use WorkWave.

  • Save on operating expense – serve more orders with fewer resources.
  • Minimise route planning efforts and increase response times with a fully automated routing process.
  • Increase service levels by enabling accurate ETAs, special skill requirements and increased resource capability.
  • Optimise financial control with accurate fleet routing costs.
  • Reduce administration costs by automating time consuming processes like scheduling and daily route planning.
  • Rapid response to route issues and scheduling changes.
  • Minimised fuel consumption costs with optimal routes and smarter assignments.
  • Custom fleet management and implementation and support.
  • Optimise operational performance and customer service delivery within a 60 day timeframe.
  • Minimise the use of labour and vehicles by ensuring that the most effective routes are used every time.
  • Cut costs by eliminating inefficiency and excess vehicles.
  • Improve customer service.

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