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Factor Freight Solutions understand the importance of a streamlining your freight operation to achieve the customer service and financial objectives of our clients.

At Factor Freight we have designed a logical methodology supported by our software systems that will ensure your business objectives are achieved at the right cost with the correct service provider.


  • Accurate specification and activity summaries assist carriers with presenting precise quotations.
  • Historical anomalies are removed/adjusted to forecasting potential future activities.
  • Inefficiencies are identified and resolved so that the model is adjusted to reflecting the forecast future activity.
  • Creation of specification templates and activity summaries facilitates accurate quoting by the carriers.
  • The design of our interactive business intelligence dashboards supports hypothetical calculations. ‘What if?’ scenarios enhance the cost comparison process and supports the decision making process.

At the completion of the review, our clients are provided with a detailed transport strategy covering carrier and service selection for each route and customer type. This attention to detail will drive your costs lower and when the benefits of an improved selection strategy plus the rate reductions are combined, savings of 20% plus are often achieved.

FFS provides all the tools and support to make this a successful process.

Streamlined Freight Cost Solutions

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