Tender Management and Reviews

The Review Process

A freight review can be difficult to complete if you have not organised your data for easy reference. Transport information is generally scattered across multiple sources and formats.
Factor Freight Solutions consolidate and harmonise this freight information into a single database, where we can develop cost and service profiles to understand all the aspects of the activity. This element of the process is critical to achieving a successful review.

Freight and Service Review Process

Phase Activities
Compete Freight Profile
  • Consolidate 6 months of historical transactions to develop freight profiles.
  • Understand the inefficiencies.
Workshop the results from the freight Profile
  • Understand the causes of inefficiencies.
  • Identify the cost impact.
  • Explore carrier strengths and weaknesses and the impact on cost and delivery performance.
  • Detail the issues that need to be addressed short term or during the review.
  • Shortlist the carrier alternatives by route & service.
  • Explore the impact of a change in service selection.
Create tender specification
  • Develop the supporting tables and data required for the specific carriers.
Carrier clarification
  • Respond to the carrier questions and adjust specifications as required.
Comparison of responses
  • Interpret the carrier responses and clarify issues..
  • Adjust data.
  • Cost the carrier responses and develop the BI comparison dashboards.
Short-list the preferred carriers
  • Final carrier negotiation.
  • Update the data and finalise BI dashboards.
Management Submission
  • Provide reports and supporting tables required for client management presentations.
  • Provide future forecast, budgets and comparison tables.
  • Document the analysis that supports the future carrier strategy.

Streamlined Freight Cost Solutions

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