Effective Freight & Supply Chain Reporting Strategies

At Factor Freight Solutions we have the industry knowledge and the technical methodology that can transform your data into business intelligence reporting dashboards that are accessible through our web platform and easy to understand.
Freight reporting can be a daunting task for any logistics management team. Rather than waste time and resources shaping information into a format that is difficult to make sense out of, why not simplify the process? After all, business intelligence—specifically carrier delivery performance, freight profiles and KPI systems—should be clear and concise for management teams to discuss.

Our reporting is updated weekly consolidates multiple carrier spend onto one dashboard. You can tweak all supply chain reporting settings to accommodate your needs and the interactive sorting and selecting functions enables the drill down to the lowest level.

Operational dashboards are also possible. You can visualise a breakdown of services, shipping volumes,cost per route, utilisation and much more.

Whatever specific issue you need to target we can help you tailor the dashboard accordingly.

Common Examples of Supply Chain Reporting

Factor Freight Solutions provide a range of comprehensive reports.

  • Invoice Approvals & Claims
  • Financial summaries
  • Freight operations, non conformance identification & KPIs
  • Activity based costing summaries
  • Sales and Operations planning dashboards
  • Shipment Status
  • Carrier service performance
  • Outstanding Proof-of-Delivery summaries

Freight Reporting Benefits

Reports need to be reliable and accurate for management teams to affect positive change. How can you make informed decisions when the data you rely on does not reflect the current state of affairs? Our data management processes ensure that the information is correct and capable of supporting the BI processes.

Effective Supply Chain Reporting Strategies
Freight Reporting Advantages

    • Simple, comprehensive and current freight reporting.
    • User friendly, cloud based business intelligence dashboards.
    • Drives profitability with innovative and tailored freight carrier reporting solutions.
    • Improved carrier performance—easily identify performance trends and issues through intelligent business reporting.
    • Up-to-date KPI reporting.
    • Minimised report development IT costs.
    • Accurate freight forecasting and accruals that pre-empt budget variances.
    • Achieve customer service objectives and foster operational efficiency by benchmarking and monitoring carrier performance.